Kids Book

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Imagine the serendipity of being asked to bring a charming story, written in rhyme by the talented Swedish writer Marina Forsberg, to life. In the enchanting world of children’s literature, I had the privilege of curating and overseeing the production of a delightful book. My task was to find the perfect illustrator whose talents could complement the whimsy of the narrative. I then took on the role of meticulously crafting the graphic layout, ensuring that every page would captivate young readers.

This journey allowed me to immerse myself in the magical realm of storytelling, where every detail was a brushstroke in the canvas of imagination. Join me as I share the heartwarming story of this collaboration, where words, art, and design converged to create a treasure for young minds.

Client Marina Forsberg
Writer Marina Forsberg, Tony Hedlund
Illustrator Nadia Bonzi
Publisher Self published with Blurb


Details available with Every Demo

Welcome to my Personal Passions section, where I invite you to delve into my love for illustration, paper, and the art of paper cutting. From a young age, I’ve been drawn to the world of creativity, where I explore the limitless possibilities of traditional illustration. My fascination with paper, its textures, and the tactile experience of crafting with it has been a lifelong journey.

While my heart belongs to traditional techniques, I also embrace the digital realm as a means to expand my horizons. Join me on this artistic exploration as I blend the traditional and the digital to bring my visions to life.

Client WordPress
Designer John Doe
Materials Wood, Paper