Hi, nice that you want to know more about Pellington design and who’s behind the brand!

Pellington AB, the company behind Pellington design, designs and produces the Confetti shelf system which is our first product with aim for more to come.

Made in Sweden

We value personal contacts with our manufacturers so naturally we want them close by where we can assure proper working and environmental conditions. Therefor everything is manufactured and packed in Sweden, mostly in the Stockholm area where we live the better part of the year.

Behind Pellington is Per and Alice.

A Swedish grasshopper’s mind meets with an Italian nail hitting head.

Needless to say:
we both really cherish designed objects, and we are less worried about the anxious adopting to the trends of the day than of put forward things we truly think is awesome. If we don’t love it, we won’t make it and if you don’t love it don’t buy it. Maybe a bit strange from a company who sells stuff, but we believe that point of view creates real value in the long run and besides, it’s much a more sustainable approach to consumption.